Essays regarding the project

This section of the world that I’m inhabiting slows down, zooms in. Like a stretched rubber band it suddenly contracts, and I am lovingly punched with an orgasm.

 -Stoya's thoughts on the experience [Session 01]

A long time ago, I met a porn star. Several years later, that porn star died. People still watch her porn movies. In the porn movie, the girl is alive. In the real world, the girl is dead. The porn star is Schrödinger’s cat, and no one knows what to make of her. She has entangled you.

 -The Last Real Porn Star, by Susannah Breslin [Session 01]

Art is simultaneously a reflection and reaction to society; its mere intention is to be honest and unfiltered. If this is understood, why then does sex now cheapen the artistic message?

 -Danielle's thoughts on her session [Session 03]

Her choice is between sexual object and human subject. That’s always been a false dichotomy, one built to separate women into good girls and damaged sluts, then exert control over their sexuality at both ends. Hysterical Literature hits the internet at a time in human history where it is increasingly possible for women to obliterate that distinction, to express our sexuality without surrendering our agency.

 -Still Life, by Amanda Hess [Session 03]

PS: To my parents ( who I know will read this), I hope that you are as proud of me as I am of myself. I pray that you see the merit, the revolution that I am a part of, the importance of this project.

 -Solé's thoughts on her session [Session 06]

When I first watched this video my eyes fixed on Amanda’s nails. Quick talons. I keep waiting for a tapping sound. It doesn’t happen, but I still hear some kind of rhythm — the syncopated beats in Burgess’s strange wordplay.

-A Real Horrorshow, by Joanne McNeil [Session 07]

But despite being a project I’m deeply proud of, it has been challenging to deal with the intense scrutiny by the art world for my participation in this work, while my male counterpart rarely dealt with any.

-Marne's thoughts on her session [Session 09]